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Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 – breaking the mould

The award-winning Audi Q3 SE 2.0 TDI 140PS, starting from just £20,250.00

With stunning and dynamic coupe styling and class leading efficiency, the Audi Q3 has topped the compact SUV class. The Q3 comes with start/stop technology as standard and energy recuperation systems, as well as driver information systems to give you fuel saving tips.

The Q3 exterior hints at its off-road capabilities, with its contrasting anthracite under guards and arches, and is by no means just for show. The Q3 Audi has a higher ride height and adjustable suspension, as well as a specially engineered ESP, to keep it going on any surface.

The Audi Q3 contains some of the most advanced technologies Audi offers:

  • Efficiency programme and start/stop as standard on the Q3 engine
  • Rugged and agile body gives the Q3 Audi chassis capability within the city
  • Q3 Interior is given Driver Information system and 3.5” monochrome screen display
  • Stunningly sculpted lines give the Audi Q3 a truly sporting feel
  • Lightweight wraparound tailgate
  • Powerful and efficient engines are available
  • The basic version weighs less than 1,500kg

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