Audi Tax Free Frequently Asked Questions

Audi Tax Free: Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer many of the questions you may have...

Am I eligible for Tax Free Sales?

Here we answer many of the questions you may have...

Absolutely anyone can purchase a Tax Free vehicle – so long as they export the vehicle, or have Diplomatic status in the United Kingdom.
Typically, factory ordered vehicles will take approximately 16 weeks for right-hand drive models. We can confirm the estimated delivery time for your particular model, when you make your enquiry. In addition, there may be limited stock of RHD vehicles available for immediate delivery, if your enquiry is more urgent. In the event that a vehicle is not available, the only delivery dates quoted will be based on 'real time' delivery. Levels of demand are constantly changing and prior to placing the order we will always contact the factory to get the very latest information.
We are able to supply left hand drive versions of any vehicle that is manufactured by Audi, in the EU only. The earliest lead times are 14 weeks from the order being placed, however some models can take much longer, depending upon specification. Prior to your order being placed we will advise the lead time for your particular specification. If you have a particular model in mind, please get in touch and we can advise on what sort of lead time to expect. We are unable to supply LHD vehicles from stock, but occasionally we may have access to a cancelled order.
Certain models sold only in Continental Europe may not be available for ordering until they have been launched in the UK market.
All our cars are priced in £ (Pounds Sterling). However, you can also pay in any other currency – in which case, we use the Bank of England exchange rate on the day you require the vehicle to be invoiced to convert your preferred currency into Pounds Sterling. Vehicles can only be invoiced when they have been built – typically, three to four weeks prior to delivery. Payment is then due within seven days. If we do not receive your payment by then, the original invoice will be cancelled and, if requested, a new one will be issued at the new prevailing exchange rate. To protect themselves against currency fluctuations, some of our customers choose to purchase Pounds Sterling through their bank at the time of ordering.
Yes, you can. To order a tax-paid vehicle for use within the UK, please call our retail sales team on 01923 202 800
For LHD vehicles we require a deposit of 30%, payable when you place your order. For RHD, the deposit is 10%. There are no exceptions. If for any reason you decide to cancel the order, we will use your deposit to offset the costs of disposal, and any surplus will be returned at the discretion of Audi (UK) Ltd.
You can collect your new Audi from our base in Watford, Hertfordshire. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with a specialist freight company which can deliver it to your home or other location if you prefer. Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to collect your car in Germany – even if you order a LHD vehicle.
We can arrange shipments to any EU country, by sea or air, at competitive rates with fully comprehensive insurance.
You are entitled to use your vehicle free of UK taxes anywhere within the EU, subject to the following:
  • Your stay in the UK must not exceed two months from the date of delivery
  • You and the vehicle must leave the UK within the two-month period – otherwise, you will be liable for the unpaid VAT, and possibly forfeiture of the vehicle and/or a fine as well
  • On arrival at your destination within the EU, the vehicle must be declared and the duties paid
If you are a member of HM Forces and are posted to Germany, you are entitled to purchase one new car per year. However, the vehicles must be registered with the BFG Licensing Authority for one full year before they can be disposed of without incurring penalties for premature disposal. The exception to this would be if you moved to the UK on permanent transfer of residence.
Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept orders for non-EU countries.
Yes, we can. You can use a LHD vehicle in the UK so long as you pay the UK VAT, which can easily be arranged. Some modifications (headlights, speedometer etc.) may be required to conform to UK regulations, however.
Yes, we would be delighted to value your current car and offer you a price for it – on any make of vehicle, left or right hand drive. All vehicles MUST have a UK V5 registration document, be taxed and have a valid MOT (if applicable). We can confirm a part-exchange price up to two months in advance.

Audi Tax Free: FAQ

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